Jon Naturr LL.D.
Professor, Faculty of Law

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University of Ottawa
Law Department, Famous Hall
MacDonald St.Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1M 5N5
☏: (613) 555-1212 ext. 3738
Téléc | Fax: 613-555-1212

(800) 555-1212

I provide solution oriented advice, strategies and litigation support in the area of public governance and regulation. My experience ranges from policy development, to successful Charter and Indigenous Rights challenges, to a variety of tribunal and court litigation matters and Coroner's Inquests.

I have represented clients successfully before the OMB, ERT, ARB, OHRT, CHRT, all levels of the Ontario Courts, Federal Courts, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Coroner's Court on a variety of regulatory, judicial review and inquest matters.

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Jon Naturr
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